Gentry Akens

TV & Film Production Designer/Art Director
Corporate Creative Director



An award winning creative, seasoned in the world of conceptual design, art direction and integration with creative leadership for multiple venue styles.

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Mickey Mouse Club The Disney Channel; Seasons 4-7
The Kronenberg Chronicles John Landis; Director – Made for TV Movie
Emerald Cove The Disney Channel; Series
Mickey Mouse Club Halloween Special The Disney Channel; Seasons 5
Adventures In Wonderland The Disney Channel (wrap arounds)
MMC Rocks The Planet Blue Wave Productions; Premiere
Prescott Press Blue Wave Productions; Season 1
Gullah Gullah Island Nickelodeon; Series
TAINA Nickelodeon; Season 1
THE NEWZ Sony Pictures; Pilot and Season 1
Ed McMahon’s Next Big Star McHahon Productions

Teen Wolf MTV Productions; Season 2
The Rickey Smiley Show Smiley Face Productions; Seasons 1 & 2
Uptown Comic Rain Tree Productions
Second Generation Wayans Breakdown Productions; Season 1

New Special Offers Commercial Taco Bells
Summer Promotion Commercial McDonalds
All New 1994 Truck Commercial Ford Ranger
Christmas Holiday Commercial Isotoner Gloves
Christmas Holiday Commercial Sony Music
Christmas Holiday Commercial Isotoner Gloves
Cinderella II infomercial Walt Disney Home Entertainment
Eloqua 2010 Holiday Card James Searles Productions

Furby Island Nicktoons/Paramount Home Entertainment
Weebles: Welcome to Weebleville Paramount Home Entertainment
Weebles: Sharing in the Fun Paramount Home Entertainment
Daddy-O Smile Productions, Inc.
“Apollo 13 quene-line video Universal Studios Orlando
“Casper” quene-line video Universal Studios Orlando
“Monster Cafe'” quene-line video Universal Studios Orlando
Bob Marley Attraction Universal Studios Orlando – Cuty Walk
Littlest Pet Shop-Marketing sizzle Hasbro Inc.
Glow Worm Hasbro Inc.

“Good Deeds” Lionsgate Films
“The Marriage Counselor” Quick Productions

Fat Albert Filmation Studios
He-Man, Master of the Universe Filmation Studios
Jounrey Back To Oz Filmation Studios
Hero High Filmation Studios
The Get-A-Long Gang DIC
Shirt Tails Hanna Barbera Studios
The Little Rascals Hanna Barbera Studios
Mork and Mindy Hanna Barbera Studios

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Bob Marley’s Universal Studios Ortlando-City Walk
The Groove Dance Club Universal Studios Ortlando-City Walk
City Jazz Club (conceptual design) Universal Studios Ortlando-City Walk
Pizza Cafe Universal Studios Ortlando-City Walk
South Beach Deli Universal Studios Ortlando-City Walk
Barney Attraction Universal Studios Ortlando
Lost world Summer Attraction Universal Studios Ortlando
Casper Summer Attraction Universal Studios Ortlando
Appollo 13 Summer Attraction Universal Studios Ortlando
Monster Cafe’ Dinning Universal Studios Ortlando
House of Frankenstein Universal Studios Ortlando

Mickey’s Starland Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom
Once Upon A Toy Walt Disney World/Hsbro Collaboration
Pop Century Resort Hotel Walt Disney World/Hsbro Collaboration
Honey I Shrunk The Kids Walt Disney World/Hsbro Collaboration

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Disenchanted: Bitches of the Kingdom Townsquare Productions

The Fantasticks Orlando, FL
A Lie of the Mind Providence, RI

Hollywood’s Pretty Women Review Walt Disney World / MGM Studios
Super Bowl XXV Halftime Show WDW/ABC TV – Storyboards
Quebec Winter Carnival WDW/Quebec Canada
Merv Griffin’s Musical Show Atlantic City Boardwalk
Tournament of Roses Parade 2007 Pre-Show Opening Production
Animation Festival Walt Disney Entertainment/Argentina
Rosie O’Donnell Show Universal Orlando-Islands of Adventure
Wheel of Fortune Universal Orlando – Special Event

*Walt Disney World Traveling Exhibit Disney Parks & Resorts
*Exhibitor Magazine First Place International Award Winner: Modular Design

Active membership: Production Designers & Art Directors Union IATSE

Local 829 New York, NY